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A prayer for defrosting the fridge

I have been deeply inspired by the spirituality of the primitive Celtic church because of the holistic fashion that prayer and daily life intermingled. I remember reading a prayer when milking a cow! Yesterday I was doing my share of the house cleaning and whilst defrosting the fridge I pondered whether I could likewise consider it a spiritual moment – indistinguishable from a devotional time!

Today I penned a little prayer based on this:

I prepare a space
free from freezing slabs of inconvenient ice
I let your warmth penetrate
the deepest secret places of my heart
I wipe away the invisible poisons;
I gather the mouldering crumbs;
I scrub the stains;
confident that your sacrifice is unlimited in effect.

Come fill,
Come nourish,
Come wrap around me,
Before and behind me,
Lord Jesus

I hope you find some meaning in it!