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20 years ago…

Today was my first day back at work after my long and greatly appreciated furlough. The first thing I did was spend time reading and praying – it is too easy to get overwhelmed with the mountain of Good Things To Do, and that is what is felt like before the furlough time!

Anyway I realised that is is pretty much twenty years plus a few days since I started on my journey as a Christian. I was sixteen when I decided to live this way and I haven’t looked back since. I am glad that the decision I made then, in the period of 5 days, has been so long lasting.

When I think of the tremendous way that God has helped me with my low self-image, blessing me with a wonderful wife and two marvellous kids and enabling me to stay married for 12 years (Note to self – Anniversary this Sunday!), helping me to work for YWAM for so long and support myself and family with no serious debts, addictions or other mess ups. I think I have a lot to be grateful for. However these are not the reasons I have stayed a Christian as there have been tremendously challenging at times. I’m not a Christian for the good times only.

Yet, I am VERY grateful. This is twenty years I do not regret.