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YWAM Knowledge Base News April 2008

Dear All,

There is a bumper crop of news this month, as I really did not have time to write anything for the last couple of months!

The good news is that the KB is enjoying record popularity! The last month has seen the number of page reads go up by 30,000! This is quite a lot. In fact it is 1/3 of all page hits ever since we started in one month. Looking at the other log files it looks genuine, although I am not sure who in Spain is looking at the KB but the single largest group of hits come from there! Anyway we will see. But good news!

Talking of records I have added a league table of contributers. At the moment Steve and myself rest on top by an embarrassingly large lead. However the Top Twelve are:

  1. Kevin: (too many to make it fair)
  2. Steve: (too many to make it fair)
  3. Adelaartjes: (65 Edits on 9 pages)
  4. Flyingkiwi: (44 Edits on 13 pages)
  5. Cforbes: (22 Edits on 5 pages)
  6. Belindaloo: (13 Edits on 9 pages)
  7. Bob: (11 Edits on 3 pages)
  8. Keever: (11 Edits on 7 pages)
  9. Crashsystems: (11 Edits on 7 pages)
  10. Groove1950: (9 Edits on 7 pages)
  11. Neo: (9 Edits on 6 pages)
  12. Robzilla: (9 Edits on 4 pages)

Congratulations to all on the Top Twelve. I will continue to publish the league table as a motivation for all! This also means I don’t have to remember your names and logins and can merely refer to you as No. 3 or No. 27! (You know who you are!)

We have also received a donation of a dot com domain! Thanks Mike. People can now put in their browser and find us. New users can’t actually register like this – you can only register at

The KB is getting out and about. We were are the Western European Leaders Consultation last week and the word got out there. CRIT is happening just now. look out for Rodney Blevins (27) and Steve Keever (8) at CRIT. I hope they get the chance to present. Go for it you two! If anyone else reading this is there please meet up and take a photo of yourselves for us here.

If you get the chance to talk about the KB you might like to know there is a Presentation on the KB. Just to avoid the “Death by 1000 Powerpoints”, I made a Presentation on the KB and there is a little tour too. It is always best to tweak the presentation for yourself and check all the links work! Beware some joker in the audience changes your last slide before you get there! (The power of wiki’s!) Presentation is here.

One thing people often ask about when you chat about the KB is support for other languages. Internationalisation has not been forgotten – we are not an Anglophone mission! But if you have seen my written French you will know why I am not racing into writing French articles. The preferred solution for the KB is to do what Wikipedia does: It has parallel wiki’s with each article written independently. Inter-wiki links are added when there is a clear pairing of articles. But generally it grows organically like that. We are not ready to launch another wiki for a language. As a medium term proposal I would like to suggest that if you write an article in another language you make the article name like this:

DE/Meine Atikal
FR/Mon Prémiere Article
FR/Mon Deuxième Article etc.

Please put the language code in capitals followed by a forward slash. You can see that sometimes this technique elsewhere in the wiki like the notes from the WELC conference Steve put up.

That’s it for this month! Have fun.


Next meting: Meeting 5th May 2008