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KnowledgeBase Newsletter

Dear All,

What a month! We hit the 10,000 page views barrier. That means someone is reading a page every 4 minutes. (It is probably Google and other indexing robots but I think the statistic sounds good!) What is more important is that it is yet another month of continued growth for the KB.

Some interesting pages

  • Steve has added a resource people page. The idea is we should write about what we are good at so others can call on us for help. Make sure you allow people to email you from your preferences or you might not be as much help! (STEVE!!!!) []
  • The Main Page has had a make-over. Do you like it? I hope it is more professional looking. Suggestions for continued improvements welcome.
  • The Genesis section tells much more about this important way of keeping connected. It answers a number of questions you may have had about this tool. []

And lots more!

Thanks for all the response last time to the request to set time aside to write for the KB. Thanks all the edits that resulted! Some folks have made their first contributions. Thank you!

Breaking the barrier
I was writing to someone the other day about writing for the KB. There is a psychological barrier I keep hearing. That is some people really don’t feel qualified to contribute. I really want to re-assure all of you that the only qualification is willingness! If you have ever thought “I should remember this thing so that could others learn from this” then that is the only qualification you need! This KB is a meritocracy, that means the authority comes from the quality of the contribution not from an external source. You gain the authority to write from writing! Just be willing to allow others to improve your work. You will learn a lot. I have! If you disagree (we should at times disagree) do so politely; make an edit that combines your view and another’s together.

Another way to get involved is to join us in our monthly meeting (Monday 3rd December @ 15h00 GMT). We welcome you all. Please add your points to the agenda and join with us! []

Till next month!



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YWAM Knowledgebase November News

Dear All,

Things here in YWAMKB central have been hectic over the last few weeks as I have been out of Belgium for two different meetings. It was fun to meet with the leaders of Western Europe in Harpenden and to see a number of them really “get” the idea of the KB. It helped of course that Steve Goode was editing at the time so they could see another leader getting on and making a contribution.

Of course making a contribution is the hardest thing! There may be a number of reasons why…

  1. The wiki is a bit complex and there is lots to learn
  2. We don’t have enough time
  3. We don’t feel we have a voice or anything to say!

My response to this would be:

  1. Persevere! It does get easier. Please read the many pages or help and watch the videos we have made. I have also taken the opportunity given by a recent upgrade to the wiki to install a trial of some WYSIWYG editing facility to the wiki. I hope you like it. It has a great way facility for making links. I actually have turned mine off (preference menu) as I find the wikitext code straight forward.  But I hope it helps you!
  2. I never have enough time! However, this project for me is important because I really want to see my peers and those up-and-coming YWAMers equipped and knowledgeable. Perhaps we all ought to give a small proportion of our time to training others around us?
  3. Finding your voice and having confidence to use it is not easy for all in YWAM. But I want to welcome EVERYONE, whether, experienced or new to YWAM to contribute whatever is on their mind to these pages. Please express your opinion here. Don’t fear offending anyone!

Where next?
Steve updated the Goals on the front page again. We are aiming for 500 articles and 250 members by Christmas! What about it? What can you offer? What can you edit? Who can you invite? (Please try to shake more leaders into action to write their wisdom to these pages!) Lets see what we can achieve by Christmas!