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Isn’t it the most important thing?

I was thinking today of a quote a read somewhere recently where the author was writing that one of the key attributes of a leader was that they were someone who had vision for people, that is, that they could see where people could get to and could help them on the way there.

I was pondering this today as, after all, in my role here in YWAM Brussels I am a leader and I need to develop others. I thought about my staff and those other people I have influence on at church etc and yes I can see lots of vision for them. Perhaps, I can see ways of putting it into action too!

But what about others? Do all leaders really see this and really push themselves into this a critical role for themselves? Now many leaders have high levels of responsibility and that puts a squeeze on their time but I know in YWAM that there are many levels where the responsibility is low and the opportunity for influence is high. Do leaders at this level develop and champion others? I think the answer is yes, BUT, I think that it is not nearly systematic or determined enough. After all if you are promoted to a position of leadership you should be considering all those whom you lead as the prime people to be developed. Not other people who may be at a distance. At least not in the primary case.

I’m not getting at anyone here, just voicing my thoughts and observations of what I see. I would also like to be a part of resolving it. And for that I will need much more prayer and reflection to see ways to develop those I lead.


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2 things I saw today…

Keeping with the spirit of my New Years (+6 months) resolution and coupled with a clever idea of making lots of very small blog entries I would like to tell you about two things I saw today…

1. Whilst walking to collect the kids I watched a car driver stop on a roundabout and then reverse around the roundabout until he could reverse up a one way street! Fortunately the road was clear and it was a good think also that he had enough road sense left to stop at a pedestrian crossing for the poor man who was frozen in disbelief at what he could see. This would be a quirky story if if was not the 3rd Belgian motorist I have observed reversing on roundabouts in 3 years!

2. I saw my first Digitally projected film at the cinema today. I have to say it was beautiful. A pin sharp picture, no artefacts and no flickers of dust etc. that you get on ordinary projectors. Lovely. I saw Shrek 3 with the kids. The film was fabulous in its visual detail – if you look closely the clothing is very real and folds in such a realistic fashion you will not see it because it is so ordinary! However I could not suspend my disbelief for long as it was such a damp squib of a film and sadly not that funny. But it looked good!