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I really like WordPress. I have used Blogger, use Typepad regularly and tried other systems but WordPress seems to do all I want quickly, easily, slickly and for free!

Now I love the RSS technology that enables a website to publish a series of articles or pages so that other sites can syndicate them and make use of them. I set up to captialise this as it sucks in the RSS feeds from websites and then re-publishes them on one page. It makes an auto-matic newspaper that publishes once an hour. Only with out editorial control. But it does have its own RSS feed too!

Anyway I wanted to set up this blog so that only articles that I place in the YWAM category are published on planetYWAM. It turns out this is quite easy to do. WordPress allows you to add a /feed to the end of the blog url or the category url or comments url with provides a feed to that subset of articles.

e.g. will give me an RSS link to a series of articles I have placed in the YWAM category. I have added this link to the planetYWAM engine and so it should publish this article presently!

Very cool eh? And all for free! Actually, something this good is worth paying for as if it ever goes away I will be sad!


Author: kevincolyer

I was born somewhere in England. Kevin and Nicki were joined in wedded bliss in September 1994. I have four wonderful Children. I am a currently training to become a vicar who can start churches among people who are not really churchy. I desire to start lots of these culturally relevant churches all over. I am a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software. I have been known to enjoy high quality Belgian beer. I occasionally listen to Coldplay. I like trying to speak Dutch. I like to think I can speak French. I lived in Belgium for 10 wonderful years and still miss it.

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