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90 Days to read the Bible


I have joined with a whole host of folks at the Link to read the Bible through in 90 days. It is quite a tought target taking 30 minutes of reading each day.

So far I am doing well with the discipline of reading. I am not aiming for depth in this exercise but the benefit of a spitiual disciple as well as the washing of the water of the word that reading the Bible like this grants.

So far the speed of reading makes the tough books like Numbers and Leviticus a much more interesting read! It is interesting the way the holiness and dedication for the people of Isreal is worked out. In our individualist society these rules would be anathema but in a collective responsibility mindset like the ancient nation of Isreal it must have worked better!

It is still early days for the reading but it is good fun.



Author: kevincolyer

I was born somewhere in England. Kevin and Nicki were joined in wedded bliss in September 1994. I have four wonderful Children. I am a currently training to become a vicar who can start churches among people who are not really churchy. I desire to start lots of these culturally relevant churches all over. I am a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software. I have been known to enjoy high quality Belgian beer. I occasionally listen to Coldplay. I like trying to speak Dutch. I like to think I can speak French. I lived in Belgium for 10 wonderful years and still miss it.

3 thoughts on “90 Days to read the Bible

  1. Hi Kevin
    Congrats of your bibile reading in 90days but, however, if your spiritual man are not fed well, your time of reading is just a waste. Time is precious and when reading the word of God, not just only read it but chew it and enjoy the food to satisfied our spiritual man just like when we eat our food daily. We dont pour all food into our mouth n swallow it without chewing it. Is the same principle and if we dont chew our food properly, we might get choked and the effect to our body system will be very stressful. So take your time to read n chew it n at the same time enjoy it….
    Wish you all the best in your success of bible reading n grow in good health and strong and stay young always

    Be bless…..
    Jesus loves you!!

  2. You reminded me that I need to blog about my normal practice of Bible Meditation (or Lectio Devina). I know what you mean about taking time to digest the word and of course I do! Usually there is one key thought that I take with me and chew on that over the course of the day…

    However, for this exercise I think we are aiming for a breadth of understanding plus the spiritual discipline of reading the word!

    Thanks for reading my blog – you commented within 2 hours of posting. I didn’t think anyone read it!


  3. Hi Kevin,

    just a quick thumbs up. Keep on reading and be assured there are people reading your blog you wouldn’t expect to…
    Benji (friend of Markus & Leonie)

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