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September letter from the YWAMKB

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Greetings all Infonauts!

After a very long break for my furlough and the successful birth of my twin boys, Luc and Joshua, I am now back to work. In between quick naps and nappy changes I have chance to write a letter on the KB, so I am taking it!

I was thrilled to be away this summer and leave the admin of the YWAM KB in the hands of Little Eagle, Neo, Crashsystems and others. It shows that the team behind the KB is growing plus the hardware and software is robust and healthy. I am glad this project is growing beyond me and my domain and becoming our thing; something that belongs to us and we can work on together. Giving away knowledge is absolutely vital. The alternative of which is to hold on to it and creating a little kingdom of our own. And that is so unhealthy. Especially when you consider our calling is to make God known and anything that hinders the increase of effectiveness in making God known in YWAM is not from the Lord!

Did you know we have passed 200,000 page views? These are views as counted by the wiki software so if you take all the caching that happens on the internet that means we have probably had many more views of the pages. It is great progress and a consistent growth curve. Already over 1% of YWAM staff are registered users; I presume the unregistered users are many more than this. When we reach 340 registered users we will have 2% of all YWAMers!

What encourages me about all this is that we are helping our fellow missionaries make a difference where they are. And we need to keep working at it! We currently have a DTS outreach team here in Brussels from Byron Bay in Australia. I had never heard of the place but as we chatted I realised it is a place of world pilgrimage for back-packers! It is a small town of 9,000 people but 1.3 million back-packers turn up there each year for the sand and the surf (and etc.) What a place to be YWAMers and do outreach! So I begged them to write about how they do what they do so that those of us who reach similar people groups can be inspired to reach out too. Ibiza probably is very similar to Byron Bay, so YWAM Australia has much to offer YWAM Europe… but only if we take the time to communicate!

So please try to set aside just half an hour this month to write about something you are doing, no matter how dull or obvious it may appear to you – it will help others to grow in their effectiveness in making the knowledge of Christ known in the world!




Author: kevincolyer

I was born somewhere in England. Kevin and Nicki were joined in wedded bliss in September 1994. I have four wonderful Children. I am a currently training to become a vicar who can start churches among people who are not really churchy. I desire to start lots of these culturally relevant churches all over. I am a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software. I have been known to enjoy high quality Belgian beer. I occasionally listen to Coldplay. I like trying to speak Dutch. I like to think I can speak French. I lived in Belgium for 10 wonderful years and still miss it.

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