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Poor much neglected Blog! Still here am I about to start an entry so you can cheer up.

I was thrilled and surprised today to achieve a personal goal! I ran 10,000m today! It was not in a race but part of my weekly exercise of running. I took up running about 15 months ago after I had a wake up call to do something with my fitness level now before it was too late! I never seem to have the cash for a Gym and don’t fancy that anyway. Here I have a fantastic park to run around (2.25Km a lap). I have been gradually pushing myself onwards to run further and today made it through 4 lapm one more than my personal best. I still felt OK so I pushed on to do another half lap and… had ended up running 10k!

I am toying with entering the Brussels 20k run this year but I will need to see time I have spare to train with.  It has gone a lot better since I started doing some research and learnt how to run and how to increase your distance. There is a lot of help on the Internet that was very useful! I wish I had read more before I started out running. But getting running and making it a habit was the hardest thing! I never started this to enter races! Just to keep pushing myself onwards.


Author: kevincolyer

I was born somewhere in England. Kevin and Nicki were joined in wedded bliss in September 1994. I have four wonderful Children. I am a currently training to become a vicar who can start churches among people who are not really churchy. I desire to start lots of these culturally relevant churches all over. I am a strong supporter of Free/Libre Open Source Software. I have been known to enjoy high quality Belgian beer. I occasionally listen to Coldplay. I like trying to speak Dutch. I like to think I can speak French. I lived in Belgium for 10 wonderful years and still miss it.

One thought on “Personal best…

  1. Good to hear you are running – we are in Brussels next weekend 9th Feb!! Perhaps you could jog along and see us. – I prefer cycling/swimming myself. As soon as I find your phone number I will be in touch as we would love to see you and send St. Jude’s support to you guys.

    Greg & Jackie

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